• Kerry Nagel

Lapping up the Waves

LETTING GO is a recurring theme for caregivers...or at least it SHOULD be.

Let go of agendas.

Let go of expectations.

Let go of guilt.

Let go of that clenched jaw...

Get Ye to the water.

Any kind will do.

Something about the negative ions..I don't really understand the science of it, but I do understand that, when I close my eyes and hear kids and dogs splashing in the lake, my mouth shapes itself into a smile. When I slowly lower myself into a warm bath, magazines and a cool glass of something close by, I hear myself saying, "Ahhhh...".

I live in Montana. We have natural hot springs here, a special treat worth a day's outing. And so many small, out of the way watering holes where I can sink into silence, until I realize that it's not silent at all...Nature is anything but silent...we just need to turn off our devices and listen to the sounds that have always been present...lapping, chirping, splashing, screeching, and whatever verb the wind does..."breezing"?

It is usually short-lived, but my time in or near water has an immediate effect on every aspect of me...mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes I can reset my attitude in just 15 minutes. Water is the best Holistic Healer I know.

This has been a particularly brutal winter for most of the country. As Spring's cold waters begin to warm, find a spot or two that bear your name, and make a habit of tending to them as they will tend to you....notice the trees, their bark, and the nests they hold dear. Look at the details of fallen feathers. Turn over some rocks and find one that your fingers love. Hide it for yourself upon your return...and don't forget to dip your toes in the water.

Whitefish Lake, MT

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