For most families, a Dementia diagnosis is uncharted waters.  Navigation of those waters is the goal of ATTEND, LLC.

"Navigation" is not a new term in medical circles, but it is new in the world of Dementia Care.  It is important that families know they are not alone and the help of a Dementia Navigator can alleviate some of the fear and uncertainty that comes with a diagnosis. There is much ground to cover and we will do any or all of the following together:

  • Study the diagnosis and its progression

  • Build a support system and care team

  • Strive for balance and peace of mind

  • Learn and practice caregiving and coping skills

  • Utilize community resources

  • Identify fears and triggers

  • Work with family dynamics

  • Assess financial and legal standing

  • Deal with loss

  • Acknowledge sticking points

  • Promote a proactive caregiving style

  • Explore options for care at every stage.