Kerry Nagel is a Nationally Certified Dementia Practitioner and owner of ATTEND, LLC, a holistic Dementia care consulting firm based in Whitefish, Montana.

She is the creator of the "Dementia Care in the Home" workshop. This series provides facts, concepts, and tools to help families and professional caregivers working in the home environment.

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Kerry has also lived in Texas and had the opportunity to study in Japan and travel a bit in Europe. She is fanatical about making and viewing art, loves food, and practices yoga daily. She has lived and worked in the arms of the Rocky Mountains for over 20 years, and is proud to call the Flathead Valley of Montana her home.



Not long ago, a friend told me that she loves how holistic my practice is. I do not know how Dementia can be treated otherwise. A holistic approach means thinking about the big picture.  In a medical setting, "holistic" refers to addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health while taking social factors into consideration. In Dementia Navigation an extra layer, the person's family, is added to the mix.

When I first sit down with a family, I ask a variety of questions, the most important one being: "What is your understanding of what's going on?" The answer to this question often times is the jumping-off point for the building of a care plan.

Each person is different. Each Dementia is different. Each family is different. There are a lot of moving parts, and all are taken into account in a holistic practice.